Souleo Universe


I’ve been holding on to this news for a while now but I’m elated to share that today my first piece for was published.  Special thanks to Anslem Samuel! 

What makes this moment even more special is the powerful topic that I was assigned to cover.  The issue of workplace discrimination and LGBT rights is something that I am very passionate about so to deliver a message via my platform reminds me of my love for media. 

I also wish to thank the brave voices who shared their inspiring stories with me, Kylar Broadus (pictured above) and Michael Greenidge.  Also, thanks to Sharon Lettman-Hick, Rick Williams, Treivor Branch, Ed Jackson, Terrance Laney, Tandalea Mercer, Raysheen Simpson, Karina Rodriguez, Mia Robinson, Lawrence Moss, Franklin Fuentes, Rise Fuentes, my baby 🙂 and everyone at NBJC for sharing their resources/insight with me to make this piece accurate.  Okay, I’m done with my acceptance speech now, LOL!