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CULTURE CRASHERS logo designed by Giselle Bradshaw

I’ve been soooo busy that I just realized I forgot to tell you all about a project that I hold close to my heart. A few months ago I created the CULTURE CRASHERS, a youth initiative presented in partnership with the Harlem Arts Alliance. I decided to create this program after seeing predominantly older folks on the arts/culture scene in Harlem and not enough youth. We need to ensure that the next generation has access, resources and mentorship to keep our cultural legacy alive so this is my effort to do just that.

Below are full details on the program and you can expect us to definitely grow over the next few years. I’m doing a soft launch to make sure we work out all the kinks before going big! Currently my members include singer/actress, Georgie, jazz musician/singer, Solomon, visual artist/poet/actor, Aliou and visual artist, Malachai. Recently they opened for Danny Simmons which you can read about on Soul Train here and collaborated with Beau McCall here.

If you’re interested in learning more about CULTURE CRASHERS, becoming a member, offering mentorship, booking them to perform as opening or intermission acts or anything else contact me at:

Mission Statement: The future of Harlem is its youth with bold energy, hungry enthusiasm and fearless passion. They create their own art to hang on walls; choreograph their own dances to the latest hits; pen their own written self-expressions and recite it with vigor; and weave together melody and rhythm to sing their own songs. Through Culture Crashers these talents will be developed under the guidance of HAA mentors across key artistic formats. Mentors will work with youth to develop a project and at completion each group will “crash” a select cultural organization to present their talent before an audience at major event(s). Through Culture Crashers the talents of youth will be honed and showcased in an effort to engage them in the arts and ensure Harlem’s artistic future.