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Strivers Gardens Gallery and Souleo Enterprises present the eMerge 2.0: Melvin Van Peebles & Artists on the Cusp. With the visual arts debut of pioneering novelist, journalist, director, playwright, actor, rapper and musician Melvin Van Peebles as its centerpiece, the showcase series, now in its second year, will feature Peebles’ “Ex-Voto Monochrome (A Ghetto Mother’s Prayer),” – a mixed media meditation exploring the intersection between violence, economic disenfranchisement, womanhood and faith – and also boast noteworthy pieces from Van Peebles’ private collection, including two rarely-seen paintings by George Helton, deceased husband of Isabel Taylor Helton, designer of Van Peebles’ museum-like Manhattan apartment, which is home to the paintings, illustrations, and sculptures he’s completed over the years.

eMerge celebrates the future of contemporary art with some of today’s most exciting young and evolving visual artists. Dynamic creations from 11 early-career art makers, produced by re-imagining such everyday objects as thumbtacks, clothing buttons and vinyl records, will display alongside the items from the revered “master of artistic reinvention.”

eMerge debuted last year, anchored by visual artist Daniel “Danny” Simmons, Jr., whose work explores the connection between art and the human spirit.

Exhibiting Artists:

Joseph Cavalieri, JaSon E. Auguste, Greg Frederick, Laura Gadson, Josh Goldstein, George Helton, David Hollier, Clara K Johnson, Kimberly Mayhorn, Beau McCall, Melvin Van Peebles, Andre Woolery and Misra Walker (The House of Spoof Collective).

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